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Just like your morning coffee, millions of people around the world use social media to keep up to date on important topics and trends. With that instant information comes the need for instant insights into social. But if you wanted to quickly analyze a #hashtag to glean some new insights, where do you start?

Plus One is the first and only social insights tool that puts power into the hands of anyone - without have to be a data scientist. Enter your keywords and Plus One quickly gets the data and breaks it down into social inights that allow you to see the trends.

Plus One puts social insights into the hands of anyone that wants to get more information, easier, better and faster. Check out the screens below to get a summary of features found within the App.

Whether you are searching for insights on a specific #hashtag or downloading half-a-million tweets, Plus One can put the power of social harvesting on your terms without requiring year-long and expensive contracts.

Plus One is unlike ANY social harvesting tool in the marketplace

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Tracking your two week marketing campaign
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We are making social media insights simple by supporting Windows and MAC, along with supporting your favorite social insights/reporting tools.  We have you covered to make your job even easier, giving you precious time back.

Whatever your preference is, we have you covered.  We are shipping the Windows app first since most productivity is done on a Windows computer at work.  We are in the process of developing a MAC version that will be out in the near future.

Download the Plus One App and Bundles

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YES, we mean FREE!
  • Unlimited Data
  • Twitter
  • Insights Dashboard
  • Plus One Desktop App
  • Windows 7/8/10

Workbooks to get more out of Plus One Social

Excel Workbook

$19.95 (usd)

(one time purchase)
  • Req. Plus One App
  • Excel 2013 Workbook
  • data mapped IN excel
  • power pivot enabled
  • drag/drop your own insights
  • requires ms Access 2010/13

Excel Sentiment

$19.95 (usd)

(one time purchase)
  • Req. Plus One App
  • Excel 2013 Workbook
  • power pivot enabled
  • DAX sentiment functions
  • drag/drop your own insights
  • requires ms Access 2010/13

Tableau Workbook

$29.95 (usd)

(one time purchase)
  • Req. Plus One App
  • TABLEAU v8/9 Workbook
  • enhanced queries for tableau
  • drag and drop analysis
  • drag/drop your own insights
  • requires ms Access 2010/13

SQL/Azure Connector

$xxx.xx (usd)

(one time purchase)
  • Connect SQL Server/Azure
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Integrate with other data
  • Enterprise Enabled
  • Huge Scalibility
  • Under Development

You'll discover your new Social Powers with Plus One!

Finding social insights shouldn't take all day or week.
Now it will be a matter of minutes!


We have spent years trying and using different and expensive social media insights tools. And what did we find? We had to be data scientists to figure them out or hire consultants to come in and do the job for us.

We decided to take the Microsoft Excel approach. We made our Plus One tool so easy to use, that we can give you instant insights into your social insights and give you time back to have a coffee with friends.


How-To Videos:  Visit our YouTube page for instructional videos. Here you will find many videos in helping you installing, use and assist you in your planning and executing your social insights campaign strategies.

7 Days of History:  When you start a search, because of the interfaces we use to the services, we are only allowed to pull data 7 days into the past.  That is what makes our solution SO affordable.  Plan early and make sure you refresh your query at least once within 7 days.

Advanced Search:  Plus One supports many of Twitters advanced keyword search features.  You can find this Twitter syntax at their web site and give them a try within our app. It is very cool.

Processing:  It can take a while for your data to save or your report to run because we are taking unstructured messages and turning them into structured insights.  So be patient.

Database Size:  We are using a friendly desktop database but it can max out on size.  We can support up to a 2GB file before you have to create a new one.

Import to big Database:  You bet, you can setup a process to import data from our Microsoft Access database to SQL Server, Oracle or even those cloud databases too.

Facebook:  You need to make sure you follow the companies, pages and friends you want to pull information on.  The more you follow the better results you'll get with Plus One.

Normalized Data:  What do we mean by normalized data? We are taking all the messages from the many different social platforms and making them available in just a couple tables in our desktop database. You will be able to report on everything social in one solution. This is a first!

Check the DOCUMENTS folder:  In your "\Documents" folder you'll find a "\Plus One quot; folder that contains the database where we store the data. Go ahead and point your favorite self serve bi tool tool against it and create your own insights.

Reporting:  You are not limited to just the reports found within Plus One Social.  Because we store the data in a friendly desktop database, Microsoft Access, you can connect your favorite self serve bi toollike Excel, Tableau, Spotfire and many others directly to the database and create your own insights.  

We are out to disrupt social insights and make it available to everyone!

You can spend days trying to figure out social
or download Plus One and be done in minutes


If you have any questions in regards to Plus One or would like to be notified of updates to the applications, please feel free to contact us using the form below. We would love to hear from you and how you would like to use our products.

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